How to Authorize a Computer on iTunes Windows

do you know how to authorize a computer with itunes

A significant part of your purchased and downloaded content from the iTunes Store is enclosed in advanced and digital rights administration (DRM) which is especially projected to stop the copyright issues. It also prevents the content from being pilfered and utilization by anybody other than the actual buyer of this content. However all types of content you downloaded and purchased from iTunes has not such type of limitations. Music that has been purchased through legal means can be played either you’ve approved a computer or not. While any likeness of TV shows, for the most part, won’t.

When you are authorizing your computer, it means you are ready to give permission to access your applications, books, movies, audio books, music and other content. However, you can authorize only five computers after that you can play your content on these five various computers. A computer can be authorized only through the iTunes on that particular PC. So you cannot allow a PC through a dissimilar computer or by  your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, etc. Are you facing some problems regarding the authorization of your computer in iTunes? Are looking for a step by step guide to lean how to authorize a computer on iTunes in the Windows? Don’t worry because this article will help you fix the problem. Just read the and follow the step by step instructions as follows.

How to authorize a computer on iTunes windows – a step by step guide

  1. First of all just open the iTunes installed on your computer that you need to authorize.
  2. Now go to the menu bar,  choose Store and click on Authorize this computer. However in the previous versions of iTunes, you can locate this option from the Advanced menu.

how to authorize a computer on itunes windows

3. When you will click on authorize this computer option, it will ask you to enter your Apple ID. Now enter the Apple ID and click Authorize.

If the iTunes requires you to reauthorize the computer, it won’t apply a latest authorization as iTunes always utilizes the similar authorization for the same PC.

What happens when you run out of authorizations?

If you have authorized a computer that you are not using due to any reason. You should UN-authorize the PC because in the future if you sell the computer that used one of the five authorizations you will need to DE-authorize all of your computers. Afterward, you will need to reauthorize every computer that you want to use. And it will create a problem for you. So we suggest you to unauthorized a computer that you are not using too much.

Problems with the Windows users

If you have not unauthorized your computer before installing Windows or upgrading your system, it will be using various permissions. So you are advised to DE-authorize the computer that you are going to upgrade or installing the new window on that particular computer.

How to find the number of your authorized computers?

If you have authorized 2 or more computers, then it is not much difficult for you to detect the number computers. Just open your iTunes account and login using your Apple ID. You can also open iTunes by clicking on Store menu and then sign in by entering your Apple ID and password. The number of your authorized computers is shown in the Summary section of Apple ID. The below image is a visual example.

how to find number of authorized computers in iTunes

Does a user need to authorize his/her iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

No, the user is not required to authorize these products. However, the thing that a user only need is to be associated with iOS devices through the Apple ID. Your iOS products can’t use your accessible permissions.


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