Learn How to Change your Gmail Password

learn how to change your gmail password step by step guide
It is an unnerving world around here on the web. We mostly face or hear various troubles related to the internet. There are various data violation, data fraud, security dangers and Viruses, and the list goes on. Ultimately there comes a moment when you decide  to change your Gmail password just to defend yourself from a computerized gatecrasher from taking your stuff. Here is s the main issue, Google has not made it more convenient to change your security key. It isn’t that Google doesn’t need you to change your secret key; it’s simply not easier as you were trusting it would be. For this reason, I made this quick and step by step guide  to change your Gmail security code more easily.There are two methods to change your secret key. However, we have discussed both the methods for your convenience.

Learn How to Change your Gmail Password in Below Given Step by Step Guide.

[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”10″]Method # 1 to change your Gmail Security code[/su_heading]

Step 1 : 

First of all sign into your Gmail account and click on the image in the upper right-hand corner as shown in below image. (Image may change as shown in the below image. )


learn how to change your gmail password easy guide

Step 2 : 

Now you will find more options as shown in the below image. Click on Account.


learn the tricks how to change your gmail password more easily

Step 3.

In this step, you will see a new window named Account settings. Now scroll down and look for the Sign in Option as shown below. Click on password option.


learn how to change gmail password in simple steps

Step 4 :

Now you will see another window same like the below image. In this step you will be asked to enter your current password and your new password. Now click on Change password button and you will be set to go.

how to change your google password

[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”10″]Method # 2 to change your Gmail Password[/su_heading]

1 :

First of all Log into your Google account and tap on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

learn how to change gmail password 1

2 :

Now click on “Settings.”

changing a google account password

3 :

In this step just click on the “Records and Imports” tab on the top as shown in the below image.

how to change a google account password step by step guide

4 :

Now click on “Change Password” as shown below.

tricks how to change gmail password more easily

5 :

Now it is the point where the magic starts. Here a window will appear that will ask you to enter your current security key along with your current secret word. You’ll need to enter in the new secret word twice. Once you’re carried out writing in your new security keys, simply click on the “Change Password” button, and now you should to be set to go.

how to change your google password

Important Instructions :

Sr. No. Instructions
1. The security key of your Google account must contain at least 8 characters.
2. You can include  below-mentioned characters:
  • Lowercase & Uppercase Characters
  • Numbers
  • Your security words are case sensitive so Google will to treat  “G” is  “g.” while, on the other hand “g” will not be considered as “G”.
  • Spaces

Symbols that can be included in the password  :

  • !   ”   #   $   %   &   ‘   (   )   *   +   ,   –   .   /   :   ;   <   =   >   ?   @   [   \   ]   ^   { | } ~

[su_note note_color=”#dff7c9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”9″]Note: Be sure, you won’t be authorized to use the same password that you have used previously. Avoid using the easy security words “12345678.”[/su_note]


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