Learn How to Write a Check Correctly

If you are searching for a comprehensive guide on how to write a check, then you have come to the right place. Surely, writing a check is a significant skill that every mature person should learn, as it is used in our daily life. Filling out a check is fairly easier as long as you identify what goes wherever in our surroundings. People, who are unable to write a check, can easily learn by simply following our step by step guide.

Things required to write a check

Things Quantity
  • A bank checking account
  • A pen
  • A book of checks
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Learn How to Write a Check Correctly a Step by Step Guide

Step 1.

In the first step, just look for the blank space just to the next or above the word Date. Now mention the date on the line in the upper right corner.

how to write a check 1

Step 2.

In this step, you only need to draw the name of the recipient. Now just mention the name of the person or a company to whom you are sending the check to the next to the line that says “Pay to the order of.” Before writing make sure that the name you are going to mention is correct. Although you have a choice to pay the check simply to “Cash” but it is not safe because there is a risk of stolen or lost check, and everyone can cash it. So always try to mention a recipient.

  • If you are going to mention an individual, mention both the first and last names.
  • If you are writing name of an organization, write down its full name. Avoid using the acronyms unless openly authorized.

writing a check how to write a check 2

Step 3.

Now mention the amount just to the right side of Dollar sign ($).  Here you need to be careful while writing the exact amount in dollars and cents. If you want to write twenty dollars, just write, “20.00”. Here you need to write the amount in numbers.

how to write a check writing a check 3

Step 4.

Now below the “pay to “ line, write down the amount in words. If the amount also includes cents, you must add cents in the dollars. If you have mentioned $20.00, write either, twenty dollars even, “twenty dollars and 0/100 cents” or you can only write “twenty” with a line going all the way from the right of the word to the last of the line.

how to write a check writing a check 4

Step 5.

Now go to the bottom right corner and fill it with your authorized signature. Be sure your check is not valid until you sign it.

how to write a check writing a check 5

Step 6.

At last fill out the memo section that is located on the bottom left side. Although this section is not much essential yet, it can be effective for both sender and receiver to remember for what purpose it was written. If you are writing it to pay your house rent, you can write “For my Rent”. However, several companies have diverse terms and conditions regarding the memo section. Some companies ask you to write your ID #, and in case when you are writing a check to pay rent of your apartment, you should write the apartment # in the memo section.

how to write a check 6


  • Before presenting a check just review your written information including the spell of receiver’s name, date, and the amount.
  • Always remember to deposit the post-dated checks as quickly as possible. The date is fixed to define when it becomes payable and when it will be dishonored by the bank. Mostly it is dishonored after seven years of the date mentioned in it or after the date specified. Before the due date, no one can cash out the check.
  • After filling out the amount section, if there still a place is empty in the amount section, just draw a line line on the rest space so that no one can add extra zeros in your mentioned amount.
  • Always fill your signature section with your name in the similar way.
  • While writing the amount in the little box, be sure to write it as nearby to the dollar sign as possible, it prevents people adding an extra digit in your written amount.
  • While writing a check, always try to fill it with a Gel pen because it is more safe to use than the ink pen because the ink removing liquids can remove your written particulars.
  • If you are writing a check in favor of an individual or an organization but you don’t want it to be cashed just before your mentioned time, simply write the date when you want it to be cashed.
  • Every time , make sure the specified date is correct. If you don’t know the exact date, try to guess a previous day. You have the option to postdate a check, but everyone will not accept it.

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