Learn How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

learn how to write a job recommendation letter

If you do not have written a recommendation letter before, the process can seem a bit threatening, but our hypothesis is not right.Infect, all of the recommendation letters, involve common elements we can learn easily. There are two methods involved in writing a recommendation letter that are as follow, just follow this  guide and learn How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Step by Step Guide to Learn How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

  1. Starting to write.
  2. Writing the letter.

Method 1: Starting to Write

1. Target the recommendation


It is very crucial to focus on the main purpose of your recommendation letter. Is it for a job, a volunteer position, a background check, personal reference or an academic post?
For instance, if the letter is a part of a job application package, it should focus on the conduct of the candidate and the professional qualifications.

2. Recognize the position

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

If you can talk to the person, you will recommend taking a copy of the job description. Ask for the respective position if you know the intended recipient of the letter.

  • You will be able to customize your letter better to suit the needs of both parties if you know about the position completely.
3. Be aware of the person you are recommending

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

It will be helpful to spend some time talking to them about the position they are applying for and their goals to know the applicant. Gather all those pieces of information which can help you in writing the letter these pieces of information may be their current resume, any memos or notes you may have on them. The best recommendations have complete information at hand and make the process much easier. Ideal recommendations are specific and thorough.

  • While writing a letter of recommendation, put your reputation on the line. Decline their request if you think you do not know the character well enough, or they are somebody you cannot in good morals recommend.

Method 2: Writing the letter

1. Use standard format of writing convention

A recommendation letter is like any other professional communication and follows the same rules and guidelines.

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

  • Mention your complete address on the top right, followed by the date in the descriptive form.
  • Place name and address of the recipient on the left below the address and date.
  • Start the letter with formal business greetings. Ex:
  • Dear Ms. Alex,
  • Dear Sir or Madam,(if name of recipient is unknown)
2. Write the recommendation letter.

Give the summary of your recommendation, how well you know the person and how you met. Mention your qualification, as well. If you are the head of the department, that will carry additional weight than if you are a peer of the applicant.

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

  • For an instance, I am pleased to recommend Alex for the position of director of development at XYZ Corporation. As VP of application development, I was Alex, the direct supervisor from 2010 through 2014.we worked closely together on various key projects, and I got to know him very well during this time.
3. Be definite about the applicant’s qualifications.

Using specific instances, and examples describe what the person has done. Avoid generalities while describing qualification.

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

  • For instance, don’t say, “Alex did a great job and made life calmer for everyone.” Say instead,” Alex’s refined grip of database architecture, combined with an inborn feel for UX design and warm, personal approach to his in-company client base intensely upgraded the productivity of our company. His approach to dealing request support, maintenance, and training was highly specialized and greatly respected, both by end users and by the managerial team.”
4. Make contrast

To keep in mind the accomplishment of candidate we need a comparison so that the recipient will have some basis to be aware of why you are recommending this applicant.

method oe writing recommendation letter

  • For an instance,”Alex’s output of completed projects has exceeded the combined effect of all other progress efforts I have witnessed during my four years at UVW Company.”
5. Avoid exaggerations

method of writing recommendation letter

Don’t put the applicant on a pedestal. It will set expectations for them that will be next to impossible to meet, and also it will seem plausible. Don’t hide any weak point and don’t exaggerate.
For example, if Alex was lax about commenting code or writing up procedures, don’t say, ” Alex biggest deficiency is that it was hard to get him to write things up.” Say,” Alex has worked hard to develop his documentation and commenting of writing, making it simpler for those filling his shoes in the tomorrow to serve properly.” Only mention this if it’s true.

6. Be clear about your recommendation

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

The authentication of your recommendation depends on how clear and direct you had given your statements. Being clear and direct about your statement makes your letter more effective.
Let take an example, don’t say “Alex is competent for your organization or position, and will make a fine summation to your working staff.” It happens like a form letter, which will work against the candidate. Say instead, “Alex has the talent, activities and drive that will help XYZ Corporation to achieve its aims.

7. Avoid extra elaboration

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

Try to put your letter on a single page and don’t be too brief.The receiver sees a quick note of one or two short paragraphs.They will think that you don’t have much to say about the applicant either because it seems you don’t actually know them or because you don’t have much good to say about them. Don’t gamble, but stretch out your key points.

8. Keep it active

Begin each paragraph with an effective, active affirmation of candidate’s nature or character.

ing recommendation letter

  • For instance, never say “over the course of the last two years, I have been delighted to watch the continuing progress of Alex talents. “ Say instead, “Alex skills have grown rapidly in the last two years.”
9. Wind up the letter affirmatively

Repeat your suggestion of the applicant and if suitable, invite the receiver to contact you.

method of writing recommendation letter

For example, taking all of these reasons into account, according to my experience,  Micheal will make a good addition to your team. Should you have any issues, I invite you to contact me at the number or address.

10. Use formal closing and sign your name

learn how to write a best job recommendation letter

  • Best regards,
  • Thank you,
  • Sincerely,
11. Get feedback

method of writing recommendation

If you are not satisfied with your recommendation letter writing skills, or if your letter will bear an excellent deal of importance for the applicant’s application, ask feedback from a trustworthy colleague who may also know the candidate. You have to write your best foot forward with this letter as you are putting your reputation on the line for the applicant.

Tips :
  • Maintain the manner and content factual, specific throughout and professional.
  • Be positive and complimentary, but be honest.
  • Use the full name of the candidate when naming for first time. Following that use either the first name or a title (Ms., Mr., Dr.) and the last name, depending on how precise you want to be.Whichever you choose, be reliable.
  • Typing the letter is more formal and businesslike, and your recipient won’t have to decode your handwriting.
  • If ever you have to write a recommendation letter for yourself, perhaps for somebody else to sign, be honest and specific.Try to write about an applicant with your credentials. Get help from friends and colleagues sighting yourself as others see you. Inquire your friend to tell you how your letter comes across.
  • If you ask a candidate to write their own recommendation, understand that many people find it hard to write about themselves in this way.Make sure that you agree with the written information in the letter before you sign it.
Warnings :
  • Select carefully whatever to give a copy of the letter to the applicant, particularly if you express objections. A recommendation may hold more control if the receiver knows that the views in it are truthful, and not written for indulgence or fawning of the candidate.
  • The recommendation letter should focus on the key information, services, and aptitudes of an individual. Don’t devote your time inflating your letter of recommendation with unnecessary positive tones, as recruiters generally overlook this.
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