Privacy Policy for

Delicious Cookies
As per the Adsense Terms of Service, we are strictly obliged to tell you that all the promoting projects are using use cookies to track the website visitors. It is valid for each and every website on the web. Truth be told, most of the websites that are allowing you to login are using a cookie just to track the way that you are logged in. In the event that you are unsatisfied with this, you can disable the cookies in your browser. However,¬† you won’t be able to login anyplace on the off chance that you disable the cookies.

Email Privacy

We will never sell your email address to any third party, ever. On the off chance, that we ever sell your email address to anyone, we will be liable to be punished by you.

Further Privacy objects

Our web advertisers also require us to include this paragraph as well in our privacy policy.

“We permit third-party companies to serve advertisements and gather such anonymous data when you are visiting our site. These companies may utilize non-by and by identifiable information including the below-mentioned objects:

  • Click stream data
  • Your browser¬† name and type
  • Date & time
  • Subject of adds clicked or scrolled over.

Amid your visits to this and other Websites keeping in mind the end goal to give advertisements about merchandise and services expected to be of curiosity to you. These organizations commonly utilize a cookie or a third-party web reference point to collect such information.

Still if you need any help or you have any suggestion or query linking to our services feel free to contact our team.